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Zoologist Nnamdi Kanu

Only a country led by a fool, will allow a mad man like Nnamdi Kanu walk free, on any part of this earth.


1.”Buhari is a shameless Paedophile and rapist…..”

2.”Buhari is a Terrorist he should be killed…..”

3.”Nigeria is a zoo and everybody living in that Godforsaken zoo deserves to die…..”

4.”Kumuyi should be stonned and dealt with thoroughly if he comes to Aba for his planned crusade…..”

5.”The imbecilic Goodluck Jonathan is a disgrace to humanity and deserves to be skinned alive for handing over to an Hausa goat…..”

6.”By the time we finish dealing with the animals in the zoo, there’ll be none left to tell the story…..”

7.”We are assembling weapons and we need some more money to thoroughly equip our military to enable us unleash mayhem on Nigeria…..”

8.”Niger Deltans are cowards, we know what to do to them. Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers, Edo and Cross Rivers State are our territory and anybody who tries to oppose us will be crushed…..”

9.”All APC supporters are Boko Haram members, they are the real terrorists, Chukwuabiama will expose them all…..”

10.”Buhari married his wife after raping her several times, the records are there…..”

11.”No Ibo man should attend any Church where the pastor is a Yoruba man, they are criminals and fools…..”

12.”Ibos are God’s children, others are children of the devil, that’s why we bear names like Nwachukwu,Chidinma,Chinyere,Chibuzor, Ikechukwu etc…..”

13.”Nigeria should prepare for war, we are coming to annihilate you, my secret service are already studying the zoo and strategising…..”

14.”It is either Biafra or death…..
Only a idiot will defend this mad man, who doesn’t even need prison, but a psychiatric hospital. – @InoBekeIkwen

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  1. Nigerians are funny. Let the rule of law be applied to every citizen. Bear in mind that even a Nigerian who attacked and killed N unarmed soldier on the streets of London went through the process of the law.
    If we wield the law vengefully, we risk it being wielded against us vengefully too.

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