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How To Steal Money From Nigerian People 101

Those Mutherfuckers hustling for ministerial and political appointments in the new President Buhari administration average a personal net worth of $100m and several homes in the UK, USA, Dubai and such. They got more cars in their driveways than Carl Worthington and his dog Spot. Wealth acquired from previous political jobs, cronyism, nepotism, fraud and straight theft. Top jobs like Speaker, Minority Leader, Petroleum Minister and the likes could cost in upwards of N500m to land that License to Steal.

Ilesa - Oshogbo Road

You only need to drive around Nigeria to see how these Mutherfuckers could invest their stolen wealth in industries to enhance the same community they stole the money from rather they run businesses that exploit their community. They build tunnels, helipads and waterways to reach their homes rather than fixing the public roads to any one of their homes. – @OgbeniAyotunde

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