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Abobaku Escapes

There are claims the Abobaku (one that is buried with the king) has escaped. He is supposed to be buried with the late Ooni of Ife, Alayeluwa Oba Okunade Sijuade.

Are these claims a roust to quell the flames that might erupt from social media? After all this is a tradition that goes back 5000 years to the burial tradition of the pharaohs.

Some find it hard to believe that a tradition of Abobaku families (family lines raised to be buried alive with kings) remains in 2015. Then again hundredss of terrorists blow themselves up around the world everyday after maybe a few months of orientation. – @OgbeniAyotunde

8 thoughts on “Abobaku Escapes

  1. Oh wow… I wasn’t aware of such a tradition. I can’t imagine what those people must have gone through, knowing that you only exist in order to be buried alive.

    1. Yeah it is a tradition still practiced by the Yoruba. I grew up in Ibadan so I have intimate knowledge of some of these practices. It is practiced in Lagos, Ibadan, Benin and many other Yoruba kingdoms.

      Since Ile-Ife is the cradle of the Yoruba this tradition must be carried out in the true form even though Ooni Sijuade was educated in England. I believe in the past slaves were used as Abobakus which eventual evolved into a family.

      1. Oh wow…And what’s the general consensus over in Nigeria? That the practice should be held in place? There used to be a similar practice in India, where the wife had to be cremated alive alongside her dead husband. But the international community rallied against it, and now it’s forbidden, I think.

        Another question, most Nigerians I know are predominantly Christian. I know there are also a lot of Muslims, but I don’t know any personally. Do they condemn the traditional religious practices because of their new found religion? Or do they practice both? As in Christianity or Islam and some kind of traditional African religion, much like what happens in South America and the Caribbean.

      2. Hard to gauge the true general consensus of Nigerians as Nigeria has over 500 ethnic and sub ethnic groups. Although Nigeria might be evenly split between Christians and Muslims most still default to their traditional and cultural beliefs and practices.

        Religion was the most effective tool used by the colonials to discombobulate Africans, you see the missionaries made our traditions and cultural beliefs evil and pushed it in the dark. If our traditional beliefs are not repressed and practiced behind closed doors then such practices would have been abolished due to enlightenment.

        The western world’s idea of religion is one god, one love, one people and a manifest destiny (Christianity & Islam). What we practiced in Africa cannot be considered religion as defined by western civilization, the bible and Koran imposed their stories on us and made us worship their ancestors while desecrating ours.

        Outside of Christianity and Islam the Yoruba way of life is the most practiced, wherever African slaves were taken the Yoruba way of life is still practiced today in Cuba, Haiti, South America, America, the Caribbean…

  2. Is this true? Unbelievable!!!

    1. Very true am afraid, the Ooni’s funeral is on hold cause of this.

      1. So if they don’t find him, will another family member be chosen to take his place? I am very interested in the process. This sounds ghoulish, I know, but it is just so unbelievable in this day and age that a culture and government would sanction this sacrifice.

    2. Yes most likely another family member will be chosen or someone grabbed off the streets so there is a curfew in Ile Ife from 9am to 4pm. I will keep you posted as I am keeping a close eye on the proceedings. The Abobaku family are treated very well by the royal family and I believe they take great honor in the role they play.

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