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Thanks to whomever left me a bottle of wine at my studio, although I don’t drink or celebrate christmas not because I am the anti Christ. Just like my good friend Michael L. Gormley I am a big fan of Jesus just not too crazy about his followers perverting his teachings, praising Jesus with visions of Adeboye.

Ogbeni Ayotunde


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  1. I hear you. Christmas is my favorite time of year (well right up there with Easter) because I love Jesus because He chose to come in human form, to learn what it was like to be human, and to take away my sin. Not that I am sinless, since that can’t happen in this life. When I gave Him my heart, He began to make me a new person. Like you, it bothers me when people claim to be Christians and then just do whatever they want, thus blaspheming His holy name. But scripture tells us to keep our minds on the good things, those things that are true, honest, clean, lovely, and of good report (I’ve already messed up on that today). We can always see the bad, the evil, the wrong. We need God (Jesus) to help us keep our focus on what is right and good. Philippians 4:8, 9.

  2. You’re welcome.

  3. Dont just be a fan of Jesus, invite him to become the Lord and master of your life. He wants a relationship witj you.

    1. Thank you but I think I will continue to live my life having a better relationship with reality.

      1. Ok. Aporeciate your decision.

  4. Hmmmmm, i love God. I love Jesus. But lately, i got thinking. It seems like we give Jesus more eminence, more reverence than God. Could that be why we are not Christians enough? I don’t understand it. Anyway, i am just saying.

  5. […] control of your life, Jesus is in control of your life, makes as much sense as lazy Mexicans taking all the jobs in America. […]

  6. What i could say is i am for JESUS. W’re all free to make choice.

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