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We Need Change In Nigeria | A Message To President Barack Obama

In January 2011 Hajia Talatu Yamara from Abia State Nigeria sent a video SOS message for change and help for Nigeria to Nuhu Ribadu and President Barack Obama.

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11 thoughts on “We Need Change In Nigeria | A Message To President Barack Obama

  1. Selective foreign aid and intervention. How valuable is Nigeria? How valuable are those girls? This wrenches a hole in my very soul. Prayers People of the world. Prayers.

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    Thank you for giving her a platform to speak. . .Keep up the hard work!

    1. Thank you

      1. My pleasure.
        It’s very important that we hear others voices, especially those who our western governments seem to ignore . . .if the people over here see more of this and not just what “they” put in the papers maybe we will see a change come quicker. I hope so, if we all keep connected and sharing.
        I love you buddy, you pics and vids remind me theres a bigger world outside of beige suburbia, They bring colour, vibrancy and a poignancy no one else can offer!

  3. Tell Obama to stay OUT of your country. He is horrible. Just look at Egypt, Libya, Syria and Ukraine.
    Pray to God that he will deliver those girls.
    The Obama’s just use situations like this to bring in troops and war.

    1. Really? This is Obama’s personal doing or the powers that be that ACTUALLY run US? Was the first & second gulf war caused by Obama? What about the overthrowing of the Shah in Iran? Obama’s fault too? Let’s talk nicely about Vietnam, Osama Bin Laden being used to fight Russia or the Cold War in general… Wake up – it’s the weapons manufacturers & international bankers that are running this place.

      1. Sir, I live in the here and now. It is 2014 not 2002.
        Obama is the problem as well as the EU military industrial complex.

    2. You have a right to your opinion but I believe it is very short-sighted. I’m afraid living in the here and now doesn’t help you formulate an intelligent opinion either. The problems started WAY before and escalated in 2001 and Obama is supposed to just wave a wand and everything goes away. He’s supposed to be an international darling and yet have his country-men love him. This, unfortunately, is impossible as most Americans (living in America) care zilch about foreign policy. So he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Each of the country you mentioned have massive internal problems. Obama didn’t start it but everyone looks to him to save the day…..come in and clean up the mess. He does have the power but that doesn’t mean it is always at his disposal to use as he pleases. He has massive resistance at home. And one more thing, if you get kidnapped by extremists somewhere in the middle east or in Africa, i bet you will be calling on the same Obama you’re calling horrible to save you. Be glad you’re in a position to have even word an opinion, regardless of how misguided it is.

      1. I live in the here and now.
        Obama has been in ofc almost 6 years and its time for the man-child to take responsibility. Fire John McCain for starts or throw him out.

        Obama has ‘massive resistance’ because he is an ideological Communist.
        I would not call on Obama to save me if I was drowning in a pile of dog sh*t.

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